Secure Multi Account Management

Idem offers the ability to run against multiple cloud accounts and providers. This is accomplished by assigning the cloud account and provider information in an account file using the acct tool. The acct tool is a dependency of idem and can be used to encrypt the file that stores account information.

As of the release of Idem 6 we have support for file based authentication. The ability to hook into additional auth mechanisms if coming in future releases.

Static Account Management

For this example we will use the azurerm system. Start by creating a file that will store your credentials. This is a simple YAML file that can store credentials for multiple providers and multiple accounts.

creds.yml .. code-block:: yaml


api_key: 972u34gfnhw430598m user: 0942urjf0283

Now that you have a file with your creds, use the acct tool to encrypt it:

$ acct creds.yml
New encrypted file created at: creds.yml.fernet
The file was encrypted with this key:

Now you have an encrypted credentials file and a key to open it! Keep your key in a safe place!

You can now run idem with the options –acct-file and –acct-key to enable Idem to run with the credentials stored in the key.