Idem 6#

With great pleasure we are excited to release Idem 6! This release includes a number of major feature enhancements that make the underlying platform and language significantly more powerful.

Mod System#

The mod system allows for last minute injection to execute which can modify the data being executed right before it is run. This also comes with the mod_aggregate system, which allows state modules to implement a function in a state plugin called mod_aggregate which can be used to modify the execution right before it is called.


The new Listen requisite allows for modifications to a state to be executed after the entire run completes. This requisite is useful for those who want to be able to react to changes in states without modifying the order of execution.

Any and All Requisites#

A new system is now in place that allows for requisites to be triggered based either all requisites being met, or just some of the requisites being met. The new plugin subsystem allows for deeply dynamic handling of this intersection in the evaluation of execution.