Idem 4 - Beyond Salt#

Idem 4 is a monumental release! This marks the first release where major support for an interface has been made available to app-merge into Idem. This release also marks the first major feature additions to Idem beyond the capabilities found in the Salt state system.

Late Rendering With Render Blocks#

This release adds the ability to to execute late rendering using a new feature in rend called render blocks. This allows for blocks of code to be rendered during the runtime and added to the overall execution of the state. This makes it easy to break apart the execution to be able to take arbitrary data during the run and apply it to the execution.

Transparent Requisites#

Transparent requisites is a powerhouse feature! This new capability allows for state plugins to define requisites that will be automatically added into the mix. This makes it possible for the author of a state plugin to define that if a certain state is ever used, Idem will search the runtime to determine if any of the states defined as transparent requisites have been used and apply them with the desired requite.