Idem 12.0.2#

Idem 12.0.2 rearranges the parameters of hub.idem.ex.ctx() and parses them slightly differently.

The “path” or reference on the hub to the exec module being called is the first argument. It can now be just the name of the sub under “exec” that is being referenced.

For example:

In previous versions of idem, the acct_profile keyword needs to be specified with a full path:

ctx = hub.idem.ex.ctx(path="exec.my_cloud.*", acct_profile="my_profile")

In idem versions 12.0.2 forward, the minimum amount of information is also acceptable:

ctx = hub.idem.ex.ctx("my_cloud", "my_profile")

This can be used to easily get acct information for idem exec module calls in state file jinja:

{% set ctx = hub.idem.ex.ctx("my_cloud", "my_profile") %}
    - comment: {{ hub.exec.test.ctx(ctx).ret }}